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Wardrobe Management is entirely centered around your wardrobe and you.  The first step is to establish your seasonal Wardrobe Essentials – Winter, Spring and Summer.  Over the year it is easy to accumulate an excessive volume of clothing, shoes and bags. We recommend the wardrobe management twice a year to maintain a perfect wardrobe.

The service is divided in 4 steps:
1) This is where the investment into your image begins. We begin by exploring your wardrobe. You show your stylist your clothes – those with the feel-good or comfort factor, those you know ‘wow’ and those you simply can’t live without .
2) Follows on from the Personal Styling session (and can be done at the same time)
3) Pre-shop done for you prior to meeting
4) Shopping - replenish your wardrobe
5) Your personal stylist will follow you for 1 month searching the right items to add to your wardrobe, sending you the proposals once per week.


  • DAY 1 - 4 HOURS   -   DAY 2 - 4 HOURS (Pre-shop without you)   - DAY 3 - 6 HOURS (Shopping with you)    -  Once per week, new items proposal

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