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Busy working schedules, international meetings and high profile lifestyle leave little time for shopping, yet the perfect wardrobe is essential for successful businesswomen.

Our 2 days luxury shopping for him is the solution to have a whole selection of new outfits, stress-free, while you sip vintage champagne at your hotel or you win a contract.
We will measure you, shop for you, do fittings at your convenience and we finally pack the chosen garments for you or, alternatively, we will take you to private appointments to the best boutiques in London until your needs are 100% satisfied. (2 DAYS)


  • DAY 1 (4 HOURS) 

    Identifying gaps in your wardrobe and recommending items to fill them. You will be left with a wardrobe that is easy to manage and suited to your lifestyle needs.

    DAY 2 (6 HOURS) 


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