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The VIP Luxury Service Wardrobe Service takes place at your home and lasts 2 days depending on the size of your wardrobe. Each Wardrobe personal styling session is tailored to suit your needs.

The service includes:

A discussion with your personal stylist about your lifestyle needs and the style that you would like to achieve, as well as the different looks you require e.g. corporate, casual, sporting, events, party, formal and evening. An assessment of your current wardrobe where your Personal Stylist will work through your wardrobe systematically separating the clothes that suit you from those you don't need.

- An assessment of how best to maximise your current wardrobe.
- General advice from your Personal Stylist on what suits you
- Identifying gaps in your wardrobe


  • DAY 1 (4 HOURS) 

    Identifying gaps in your wardrobe and recommending items to fill     them. You will be left with a wardrobe that is easy to manage and suited to your lifestyle needs.

    DAY 2 (6 HOURS) 


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