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Vip Luxury Service gives Vip customers the opportunity to pre-order next season’s fashion goods from Dior, and Chanel “straight off the runway”, shortly after they’ve been shown to buyers and press.

Merchandise will be shipped from three to seven months later.

Why pre-order?

It’s the best way you’ll get the items you want!



  • The INITIAL FEE (£ 350)  is for 1 item. 

    ADDITIONAL FEE of 10% on the value of the bag will be applied for the buying service

  • Hermès Birkin/Kelly bags: Maximum 1 piece (leather) and 1 piece (exotic) per year per customer/passport. We are not responsible for the waiting time. It can take from 6 month to 1 year. This is a reservation service and we do not guarantee any success in case of Birkin and Kelly styles.  It depends on the manufacturer. 

    Chanel: Maximum 1 bag every 60 days per customer/passport


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